We booked ourselves on this tour only a few hours after arriving in Prague and it really set the tone for our whole stay in Prague. Michael was our guide and completely made the experience. He was so knowledgeable and brought a great sense of humour to the tour which brought all of us together as a group. We all ended up staying on at the last venue for a really tasty (& good value) dinner. I would highly recommend every visitor to Prague join this tour & make sure that Michael is your guide!
Emma F, Melbourne, Australia on Tripadvisor.com

“A good night out”
While Prague is rightly renowned the world over for its beer, I didn't realise until researching our trip that it was also host to a growing number of microbreweries. This tour provides a great introduction to these fascinating places, providing (via our excellent host Michal) information on the brewing process, the history of brewing in the Czech republic, and the importance of toasting your co-drinkers correctly. We went to three marvelous and very different establishments and had four beers (the slowest drinker on each round being forced to don a beer mug-shaped hat). With the right numbers and the right mix of people (we had both), this turns into an excellent social evening for all involved. I was very proud to receive my beer drinker in training certificate at the end - before the group decided it was too early to end the night and set off into the Prague night in search of more beers . . .
Dry-Martini, Manchester on Tripadvisor.com

“Best Pub Tour I've Ever Been On”
This beer tour was the best combination of information, fun, friendship, and hilarity. Not your normal pub crawl where you end up in ridiculous clubs - more like a chilled out evening of amazing new tastes, unheard of holes in the wall, and real conversation. Also you get a great map of all the great pubs in the city, which you can't find anywhere else. It's great for any age (not kids of course,) and gives you a great perspective on the city. Ivan is the best tourguide, as well. Go on this tour while in Prague, you really won't regret it.
ShirGal, Chicago, Illinois on Tripadvisor.com

“Want to kick off Prague with great Czech beer...Take this tour!”
This tour is an absolute must! If you've heard about good Czech beer then this is an ideal way to kick start the pallet they will give a full tour with plenty of testers and even give you a guide for additional brewery's so the night can continue! If you can ask for Michal, great guy very friendly informative and a great laugh to bring the whole tour together!!
Archnore, on Tripadvisor.com

“Super Tour”
Ein Muss für alle, die gern in geselliger Runde gutes Bier trinken. Man lernt jetzt nicht wirklich viel Spannendes, aber man trinkt exzellentes Bier, genießt prager Kneipenatmosphäre und lernt Leute aus fernen Ländern kennen. Keine Sauftour! Wir haben es nicht bereut! Fazit: Auf jeden Fall machen!
Leif from Altenholz, Germany on GetYourGuide.com

“Very enjoyable”
We were very happy with a beer tour hosted by michal from Prague special tours.it actually lasted a fair bit longer than the advertised 1.5 hours but that was great for us.the group was very friendly and we all went out together afterwards.a pretty good tour for lone travellers I would say.michal was very knowledgeable,patient and fun.thank you.
Anjymez on Tripadvisor.com

“A must for prague”
Went on the tour the last night of our holiday me and two friends had a great experiance and met some really fun people from all over. The tour guide michal was very good and outgoing i would really recommend this tour to anyone hope you have fun jb
Jackie b, Liverpool, United Kingdom on Tripadvisor.com

“great way to see prague”
thanks to michal, he was a great tour guide. and we met some great friends and drank some amazing beers. and after the tour was over he gave us a map to more brewerys we could venture to on our own which was nice. i recommend being careful cause on the tour you drink dark and light types of beers and after we went to The Pub. my wife and I got really wasted and we lost our cool beer brewery diploma michal gave us, which kinda bummed us out cause she really was proud of it. so glad we did this tour!
Adam S, denver, Colorado, United States on Tripadvisor.com

“Totally worth your time!”
We were in Prague in February 2012 and went on this tour, even though I am normally not a 'tour person', I would highly recommend it. Especially for a temporary escape from the winter cold into nice warm pubs! For those who want more technical details of the making of beer or to speak with beer masters themselves, this might not be the tour for you unless you just want to taste some fine beers...but for my husband and I, we wanted to learn the basics about what makes Czech beer special and of course taste them, be introduced to some nice pubs, and maybe chat with other tourists - all four things we accomplished! I don't remember the names of any of the stops but the first was in a cellar, very cozy and a tasting of three different beers, and we got to see the equipment with a brief explanation of how it all works as well as beer culture in Prague in general. The next places we went to were more crowded and lively, obviously popular places for locals too and we got some beer 'education' here too. The tour was supposed to be 90 minutes and a visit to three different places, but we were having such a good time with our table of fellow tourists that we ended up staying an hour longer for a last beer. Our guide (Anna I think) was knowledgeable and sweet, and bid us goodbye after the tour making sure that we knew the way back to the old town square where we started!
Weebay, Geneva, Switzerland on Tripadvisor.com

“A Brilliant tour - real fun!”
The Beer Tour with Ivan Galik was really well organised. He took us to different breweries and we tasted some georgous beers. Ivan was very informative and really knew his stuff. This was a really great tour and definately worth going on.
cyflynn, Colchester, United Kingdom on Tripadvisor.com

En rolig och intressant tur där man får besöka några av Prags mikrobryggerier och lära sig lite om hur öl tillverkas. Perfekt sätt att lära känna och prata med andra resenärer. Man får också i slutet av turen en ölkarta där ett antal mikrobryggerier är utmärkta. Vi gjorde turen sista dagen vilket vi ångrar. Vi skulle hellre ha gjort den första dagen så vi hade kunnat använda kartan vi fick till att besöka fler mikrobryggerier som ej hanns med på touren!
buffel2k2, Stockholm, Sweden on Tripadvisor.com



“Witzige und gemütliche Tour.”
Witzige und gemütliche Tour, welche zum Reden mit anderen Touristen und zum Verweilen einlädt.
Dominic from Rüfenacht, Switzerland on GetYourGuide.com

“beertour mit Anna”
Es war ne super Tour mit einer klasse Führerin Anna. Sie hat uns kompetent und mit viel Spass und Freude die Prager Bierkultur näher gebracht ! Kann man nur weiter empfehlen !
Vielen Dank von Ronny und Marcel
gala80, Gaufelden, Germany on Tripadvisor.com

“Schöne Tour um Prag's Bierkultur kennenzulernen.”
Es war eine kurzweilige Tour durch die Altstadt von Prag, wobei man die verschiedenen Brauhäuser kennenlernte. Unser Guide Anna hatte es sehr kurzweilig gestaltet. Es war interessant die verschieden Biere zu probieren.
Sigrid from Leverkusen, Germany on GetYourGuide.com

“Zu empfehlen!”
Die Tour war interessant, lustig und mit gut 2 Stunden genau richtig! Wer sich für die Bierkultur interessiert und gern probiert ist hier richtig!
Anja from Eching, Germany on GetYourGuide.com